"Days go by like shooting stars ..."

bullet imagebullet image"Who wouldn't hold a wounded bird with anger stuck in time ..." - Thao Nguyen 
"I want you and the skyline - these are my demands." - Damien Jurado
"You shine like ten thousand suns ..."

Music is my greatest passion and I've been playing guitar off and on for many years. Styles I've played include hard rock, pop, rock alternative, folk, country, classical, and Flamenco. My favorite style is probably Spanish Flamenco. I have played in several bands in the Portland area since about 2000 and currently record my own stuff as well as collaborations with other musicians using Logic Pro X. I also play bass, some drums, and a little piano. 

Some bands I've played in: Love Lies Dying, Catchpenny, Spirit of Zero, End of Kings

Current project: Swinging at Ghosts



I have spent several years brewing and learning about/appreciating various beer recipes and styles. I own TrainWreck Brewing Inc, registered in Oregon, and am opening a small brewery in Luoyang, Henan, China. In the future, I would like to open a tap house in the Portland area which I hope to grow into a full scale brewery eventually. You can share my "brewery in China" adventure by going to my blog below:



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